• That was the
    29th Austrian Women's Run 2016
  • Congratulation
    Sara Moreira wins at the 5k elite competition


  • Dear Participant,

    33,000 athletes from 99 nations were at the start of the 29th Austrian Women’s Run® on 22 May 2016. It makes me unbelievably happy to see that, year after year, so many women are filled with enthusiasm for running and the Austrian Women’s Run. It gives me goose bumps when I think of those last minutes and seconds before the starting signal is given and tens of thousands get underway. Year after year, this once again remains a very moving moment for me. A moment which I always enjoy remembering and which energizes and motivates me throughout the year – not only for my work as organiser of the Austrian Women’s Run® but also for my own, entirely personal sports goals and challenges. I hope that you feel exactly the same way about it as I do. If you feel both inspired and motivated, it makes me especially happy.

    Because the energy at the Austrian Women’s Run is unmistakeable; even up until today I can hardly express it in words. Each and every individual participant contributes to this indescribable atmosphere. Many thanks for being a part of it. With our 2016 motto “Expand your Boundaries” we wanted to motivate the Women’s Run community, meaning you, our participants – by diverse ways and means – and challenge you to get as close as possible to your limits, and also perhaps to discover new aspects of your own personalities and set free your potential. The first step always begins in your head ¬ this time symbolized by shining neurons on the Women’s Run shirt. For some this may “only” be a trendy accessory – for me and ten thousands of other runners it means far more.

  • The shirt has become a distinctive feature of the Women’s Run community and has developed into a signal enabling the Women’s Run spirit to be carried not only during the Women’s Run weekend but throughout the year and across national borders. I find it a particularly beautiful thought that runners, be it while training, competing or on vacation, can be identified by these shirts and are connected in a very special manner through the shared “Austrian Women’s Run experience”.

    I wish to heartily invite you to once again review the Austrian Women’s Run® 2016 with us – through the wonderful photos and impressions. I hope that you will enjoy this as much as my team and I do, for nowhere else can one see such unbelievably wonderful, radiant and self-confident women and girls pursuing a shared passion.

    I hope that you will fondly remember the 29th Austrian Women’s Run® 2016. Be proud of yourself and your personal achievement!

    At this point I wish to thank our sponsors, our partners from the world of politics, business and the media, as well as all the supporters and the many voluntary helpers. We are exceedingly delighted to have such strong partners and such a fantastic community at our side.

    I would be pleased if the positive energy motivates you throughout the year and accompanies you while training, and I hope we see one another again at our anniversary, the 30th Austrian Women’s Run on 21 May 2017!

    Warmest regards,
    Ilse Dippmann

Athletes Race Progress

  • All in all, 8 international and 23 national (Austrian) athletes took part in the 5k elite event of the 29th Austrian Women’s Run® and provided us, right from the start, with a highly exciting run that was dense with runners.

    The favourites Eloise Wellings (AUS; second place 2005 and 2010), Sara Moreira (POR; second place 2014) and Viola Jelagat (KEN, second place 2015) took over the lead right from the start and pushed the pace towards a course record (15:27.4). Directly behind them Jennifer Wenth, Austria’s fastest 5k runner at the moment, attempted to keep up with the pace and not fall too far behind.

    Just after crossing the 2k mark, Eloise began to force the pace. At this point Jenni was approx. 4 seconds behind the leading trio. At the 3k mark, Viola could no longer keep up with Eloise and Sara and Jenni took over 3rd place. Shortly after 3k, Sara began to apply pressure and started pulling ahead. Eloise tried everything once again but she wasn’t able to keep up with the pace. Sara increased the pace further and managed to decisively increase her lead in the last kilometre.

    In a sensational run, the likeable Sara Moreira from Portugal obtained her first victory in the Austrian Women’s Run with a time of 15:37.1 min. Eloise Wellings finished behind her with a time of 15:51.1 min, this being the third time she was runner-up (after 2005 and 2010).

    After her injury last winter, Jennifer Wenth was once again a convincing runner (crossing the finishing line at 16:01.5 min) and, as she already did last year, garnered a place for herself on the podium.

    4th place was taken by Viola Jelagat from Kenya with a time of 16:15.8 min, followed by Zita Kácser (HUN) in 5th place with 16:44.3 min.

    The best Austrian Women’s Run® runners over the past 29 years can be found in the Hall of Fame.

Ranking Top 10

TOP 10 Athletes

5k Elite-Competition

Ranking Name Time
1 Moreira Sara (POR) 15:37.1
2 Wellings Eloise (AUS) 15:51.1
3 Wenth Jennifer (AUT) 16:01.5
4 Jelagat Viola (KEN) 16:15.8
5 Kácser Zita (HUN) 16:44.3
6 Illes Sandrina (AUT) 16:52.5
7 Pauer Nada-Ina (AUT) 16:59.0
8 Béresová Katarina (SVK) 17:03.1
9 Schenk Viktoria (AUT) 17:09.9
10 Kreundl Katharina (AUT) 17:24.8


TEAMS Information at a glance

Fastest teams

  • 5k friends teams

    1. LCC Wien - 01:49:29,0
    Cami Diana, Trimmel-Rupp Christiane, Ecker Elena, Pumper Victoria, Grounauer-By-Lothka-Familie Louise

    2. Lauftraining Prater - 01:54:06,8
    Treffner Sabine, Gerstner Johanna, Jakob Marie-Therese, Hollendonner Yvonne, Zeilinger Natascha

    3. Lauftreff Grafenegg - 01:55:49,7
    Nigl Tanja, Thaler Franziska, Jaksch Marlene, Zehetmayer Theresa, Holzer Eva

  • 5k company teams

    1. Bauerfeind - 01:55:03,9
    Matzenberger Elfriede, Pillwein Stefanie, Strasser Irmgard, Schönegger Eva, Schulz Nadine

    2. Wiener Sozialdienste - 02:02:17,0
    Becirevic Aisha, Fikus Sandra, Wallner Christa, Wiesinger Ruth, Wojtczak Katarzyna

    3. WOMAN - 02:04:24,6
    Florian Theresa, Gabriel Viktoria, Greiler Sarah, Eckelhart Lisa, Palatin Julia

  • 5k family teams

    1. Die Wenthomaten - 01:04:21,0
    Wenth Johanna, Wenth Christina,
    Wenth Jennifer

    2. Auberg Ladies - 01:04:26,4
    Resch Lucia, Hiesleitner Astrid,
    Resch Kathrin

    3. Walters Ladies - 01:05:29,8
    Messner Magdalena, Pircher Margareta,
    Messner Heidi

  • 10k friends teams

    1. Lauftiger - 03:26:13,7
    Antosch Manuela, Berisa-Klusoczki Diana, Schmidt Kirsten, Balint Aniko, März Doris

    2. Lauftraining Zwettl - 03:42:19,8
    Kolm Silvia, Fuchs Cornelia, Kainz Rosa-Maria, Eberl Sabine, Holzmann Anna

    3. Lauftraining Prater - 03:42:27,0
    Hinnerth Maria, Reinprecht Sabine, Schwarz Sonja, Czaak Barbara, Diendorfer Michaela

  • 10k company teams

    1. Bauerfeind - 03:40:33,7
    Lindlgruber Astrid, Mandlbauer Barbara, Mayr Gabriele, Kettler Simone, Tresohlavy Karin

    2. CLUB RunAustria - 04:04:39,0
    Schmid-Tatzreiter Edith, Dejmek Doris, Schaumann Traudl, Sommerauer Andrea, Vogt Sabine

    3. AUVA_BR RZ/UKH Meidling - 04:08:26,2
    Ruthner Bibiane, Edinger Beate, Prem Claudia, Kickenweiz Monika, Schwarzinger Sandra

  • 10k family teams

    1. Die Fitten Schnitten - 02:30:33,8
    Hren Isabella, Krainer Beatrix,
    Schönthaler Tamara

    2. Fast BRunners - 02:35:55,3
    Brunner Cornelia, Brunner Jennifer,
    Brunner Melanie

    3. Er Bi Ka- 02:36:54,8
    Hirner Katharina, Hirner Erika,
    Riegler Birgit

  • 5k pupils year 2001 and younger

    1. The Parhamer Girls - 01:59:49,0
    Dvorak Nina, Ebert Lena, Kuhn Sophia, Lieschke Klea,
    Weigl Nina

    2. Junior Sulfuretten - 02:02:13,7
    Kern Sophie, Kopecky Olivia, Lackner Marlene, Schamp Lea, Schamp Chiara

    3. AHS Polgarstraße - 02:07:15,6
    Fliegner Anna, Frantsits Jasmin, Prohaska Sophie, Roka Iman-Naomi, Ronco Elena

  • 5k pupils year 2000 and older

    1. HLW Hollabrunn - 01:54:03,1
    Grabner Sophie, Baumgartner Nadine-Chiara, Grabner Valerie, Kneissl Viktoria, Summerer Lena

    2. BG/BRG Klosterneuburg - 01:59:20,8
    Bischoff Solvei, Fisher Emily, Imhof Lilly, Iser Johanna, Schnait Franziska

    3. Junior Sulfuretten - 02:02:11,9
    Gruber Sabrina, Klettenhofer Lisa, Lang Florentina, Perny Veronika, Wolf Pauline

  • 5k teacher teams

    1. BG/BRG Klosterneuburg - 01:59:51,0
    Eibenberger Franziska, Horak Verena, Pürer Bianca, Rektenwald Manuela, Vogg Tina

    2. Team BG Zehnergasse - 02:01:52,9
    Nikl Daniela, Gattinger Theresa, Ungersbäck Sabine, Stangl Tina, Marady Veronika

    3. HLW Die Perlen Tirols - 02:07:52,7
    Hechenberger Tanja, Foidl Margarete, Feldbacher Angelika, Bstieler Bettina, Wildbichler Elisabeth

  • 10k teacher teams

    1. Theresianum Eisenstadt - 04:28:00,2
    Knor Beate, Jurasovich Silvia, Schleger-Wunsch Beate, Rauter Gundl, Knor Monica

    2. BG18 KLOSTERGASSE - 04:57:21,0
    Miesgang Carina, Soukup Claudia, Stumpner Theresa, Felser Birgit, Rogi Janine

    3. BAKIP/HLW/FW Mistelbach - 05:02:03,1
    Köchl Elisabeth, Schellhorn Elisabeth, Piringer Miriam, Würrer Bianca, Waditschatka Martina

“Festwiese” Festival Site

  • 30,000 starting numbers, 30,000 Women’s Run shirts and 30,000 starting bags were already distributed on Saturday, i.e. the day before the Austrian Women’s Run®.

    The participants combined collecting their personal starting documents with spending an eventful, interesting and relaxed day with family & friends on the Women’s Run festival site and celebrated “their Women’s Run weekend.” At the same time, numerous on-site exhibitors – both sponsors & partners – ensured that a continuous stage programme, information talks, concerts and catering provided a varied and attractive programme for all.

    Totally in keeping with the motto “Imparting the joy of movement and running,” there was a race only for children and juveniles up to the age of 14 which was embedded into the Austrian Women’s Run® supporting programme. The 4-10 year-old boys and girls ran the Children’s Run in the morning after which the 11-14 year-old teens & tweens displayed their proficiency in the Vienna Teen Race in the Ernst-Happel-Stadion.

    Every year approximately 100,000 visitors are welcomed at the Women’s Run weekend.